Reading Across Broward

Beanstack can be accessed through clever. You can also download The Beanstack Tracker app .  Students must log The books they have read.  we will review this process and practice with the students in 21st Century Special at various times during the year.  It is helpful to log books as the year progresses, rather than waiting until March.

Important Guidelines

*Students must only log books they have finished reading this school year

* The last two Year's books are still in Beanstack.  Go to Programs then Click on "Challenges" to get to this year's Reading Across Broward Program

*Books read over the summer 2020 can be included.

*Books can only be entered one time

*Books read in previous years can not be dupicated again this year

*Award books are no longer a requirement.

Click on Picture below to download the how to document