Reading Buddies

Starting in the Fall we pair up a Kindergarten class with a 5th or 4th grade class for reading buddies on Fridays. The older students pick a buddy, and together they find an appropriate book to read together.  Then they log onto Accelerated reader to take a test.  The older student can help read the questions and answers.  They allow the Kindergarten student to pick the answer.  They can find the passage in the book to re-read, if the student is not sure.

Dash Robots

Dash is a robot that can be programmed using block coding.  3rd, 4th and 5th grade participate in this activiy.  The robot can be programmed to do a variteiy of actions. Beside simple driving commands, you can change the color of his lights, make pre-programmed sounds, or even record you own voice.  Using Ipads to program, a challenge might be to navigate through an obstacle course.  One of the favorite challeges is using the Launcher to throw a ball making it land in a box.  Another challenge is using the drawing attachment to draw shapes and letters.

Stop Motion Studio


 This last year, students experimented with stop motion movies using an app of the Ipads.  The studetns used a storyboard to plant the movie.  The Topic was bullying.  Using the Stuffed animals as "characters", or bringing thier own "characters" from home.  The dialog could be recorded, or they could use speach bubbles to tell the story.  The movie had to have a message or moral about bullying.  The projects were uploaded to youtube.