Clever is a one point log-in that allows students to access all of the technology they need.  Clever remembers all the different usernames and passwords for each of the applications, so that students only need to remember the one.  From at school, clever automatically goes to our schools clever page.  From home, you may have to first select our school first.  Once on you can connect using active directory or a clever badge.  THe clever badge has username and password embedded in a QR code.  Teachers can print these QR codes for you.  SImply hold up the badge to the camera on the computer and presto!  Active directory requires students to type in username and PAssword.

Log - in Information

Your username is your Student ID number:06xxxxxxxx      You can find this on your student ID

Your password is your birthday: Pmm/dd/yyy    Dont forget the Capital P and the slashes!


Reading Across Broward is logged throught Beanstack for grades 2-5. 

IMPORTANT!!!! Dont forget to click on Programs then Return to this Program to get to this years Reading across Broward Program.  Otherwise you will see all the books you have logged, incuding the books from last year. & Nitro Type

Students can log into the account that I have created for them by using the same username and password that they use for clever.  Here they can practice typing skills by doing the lessons and playing the games.


Tumblebooks is an online website with many books you can read.  Mostly appropriate for grades K-2.  Log on with username: bcs and password: reads